Genovese Basil - by request

Red Cabbage - by request

Red Russian Kale - by request

Winter Cress - by request

Arugula - by request

Daikon Radish - by request

China Rose Radish - by request

Harmony Creek Blend - by request

  Red Russian Kale



  Buttercrunch Lettuce

Ready to grow for you!

Mizuna Mustard - by request

Broccoli - by request

Detroit Red Beets - by request

Dun Peas - by request

Available now for purchase at Saltwater Markets in Clover. Available for ordering at Market on Wylie in Lake Wylie and available soon at On the Rise Bakery in York. Please email Jane for delivery info.

Also available at Sisters Fine American Cuisine in Rock Hill. Chef Chuck includes them in his dinner specials for Thursday and Friday evenings.

Want to grow your own Micro Greens? Here are some great sources.

March 2017