The study of microgreens by the University of Maryland was a game changer for the tiny edibles.

"Assistant professor Qin Wang and graduate student Zhenlei Xiao with the College of AGNR’sDepartment of Nutrition and Food Science (link is external)(NFSC) participated in the study, which looked at nutrients like Vitamin C, E, K and beta carotene found in 25 different types of microgreens including cilantro, celery, red cabbage, green basil and arugula.

Their research ultimately discovered that the microgreens contained four to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts."

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Another great article calling Microgreens a superfood:

The New Super Food:

Why Microgreens Are All the RageGet your vitamin fix with these miniature, nutrient powerhouses.
By Clarissa A. León / AlterNet September 9, 2014

You may have seen microgreens delicately adorning a fancy entrée in a restaurant, but maybe hadn't heard the name before. Tiny greens, mini-lettuces and baby kales aren't just garnish anymore; they are one of the hot, new superfoods. Thanks to their robust nutritional benefits, microgreens have been steadily increasing in popularity for growers and consumers alike, and we've only begun to understand how these tiny-leafed plants can pack so much energy and nutrients in each leaf.

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